Apart from the fact that video feedback is a new mode of providing personal or corporate feedback, it is rather important to consider this new mode of communication as an important business tool. Video feedback has become more important in the last few years due to its ability for the user to send and record live video feedback which makes the employees and manager feel more connected to client’s opinion. If a business hasn’t opted to include video feedback as a tool to provide organized, constructive feedback, it might want to consider doing that for various reasons:

–    Better interaction.

–    Real-time feedback.

–    Gaining confidence.

–    Improving future aspects.

Effective, direct interaction is the most valuable thing when giving or receiving feedback. It establishes a better way of communicating between managers and employees and ensures a healthy and productive dialogue between them. With video feedback, the user is communicating with a manager or employee face-to-face in a live stream or in a recorded video message. This allows for coworkers and supervisors to communicate with not just their voice but also with their body language, which can be more explicit and expressive when giving feedback. So whether the feedback is a positive remark about an employee’s performance in a meeting or constructive criticism, using the video feedback format helps communicate what a person truly means all while giving them the opportunity of clearing any misunderstandings real-time, leading the greater productivity in the team.

One of the fascinating things about video feedback is its real-time quality. That is to say, a person can give their opinion live to another user in the same time that things are happening. This method of giving long distance feedback is useful in that it almost emulates a face-to-face conversation but with the great twist that a person can check back to the video. However, there are some rules and ethics one needs to heed before providing the real-time feedback. When followed correctly, they can enable both the employees and the manager to provide their feedback all while avoiding miscommunications and misunderstandings. Real-time feedback also enables a person to clear up any misinterpretation since the feedback session is going real-time and any ambiguity can be addressed on the spot.

Video feedback allows for feedback to be sent in the clearest, concise way possible, thus giving you more freedom in communication. There are no hassles of involving typed or written memos. Furthermore, video feedback can help in creating added trust between employees or management since it has a personal aspect that written feedback simply cannot imitate. The fact that the recipient of video feedback is receiving it, not from written words, but rather from an actual person makes this the most expressive and candid way to communicate long distance. Offices and businesses that have implemented video feedback between coworkers and management enjoy the benefits of authentic and clear communication.

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