Feedback from peers is the most common type of reviews. In a perfect work environment, coworkers are constantly asking and receiving feedback (being this in a formal or informal way). But is lesser common to have the organization you work for be asking for feedback. Usually when an employee receives the petition to give feedback, is related to a person’s performance. However, giving feedback or a review about the company itself is equally important and you should always say yes!

Why? Because no good candidate would like to work in a place where the actual workers don’t want to be in.

What’s the first thing you look for when you’re searching for a new job, besides the position you’re interested in? The company! That is part of the regular online searching routine for a job seeker and 83% of people say employer reviews impact where they apply.

And why should this matter to you? Because you want the best talent out there working with you, of course!

The ideal work environment is full of great professionals that do the work and maintain good relationships with their peers while achieving great results by themselves and as part of a team. The responsibility for creating a good face for potential candidates is not just for the marketing and HR departments. You as an employee have the responsibility to genuinely help the company in this matter. If this is too much weight on your shoulders, think about it selfishly: you don’t want to work with people that give less than you; you want to be around people that can teach you stuff or new and quicker ways to do old stuff or at least people that you can get along with.

Usually, companies are open and receptive to feedback, especially if they are the ones asking for reviews, thus you shouldn’t be shy. Think about what you love about the place you work in: the environment, the perks, the benefits, the challenges, the opportunities or every other thing that makes you stay in that company; and review away. We are not talking about lying, you should never lie! If an organization is a bad place to work and you already talked with your boss and nothing changed, is time to look for another job before this bad one affects your development and morale. In contrast, if your organizations is a great place to work and you see yourself growing as a professional, do a huge favor to you, to the organization and to future employees and give that review!

Next time you get an email from Indeed, Careerbliss, Glassdoor or Feedyak, go ahead and give that feedback! I assure you that with just a 20-second video review, you can help the company differentiate its brand and engage with new talent, and better yet, attract the best candidates to new opportunities.

Infographic: This is the reason you should give Feedback about your company