The 2nd annual 2k Color Racing was a response to the desire of Puerto Rican youth for new opportunities to celebrate diversity and stop the threat of emotional abuse that bullying poses. 

Bayamón, Puerto Rico. June 28, 2017 – In a crowd full of smiles, fun, and colors, Puerto Rican children of all ages participated in the “Be a buddy, NOT a bully” 2k Color Racing marathon sponsored by the Brave Summer Camp along with FeedYak®, in the facilities of the Academia Discípulos de Cristo in Bayamón.

Around 200 kids between the ages 3 and 16 ran in the marathon’s second consecutive installment. The 2017 edition of the 2k Color Racing focused on bullying. This social issue has become more prevalent in the last few years in Puerto Rico and has unfortunately had devastating results, such as suicidal ideation, in today’s youth. The value of friendly communication and positive feedback toward others makes this anti-bullying cause a priority for companies like FeedYak® which aims to foster constructive feedback between colleagues and coworkers. This serves as the foundation for summer camps like Brave Summer Camp that have a multidisciplinary group of trusted psychologists, social workers and other professionals who help and encourage the participants in their personal, social and emotional growth.

“Bullying in Puerto Rico exists and should not be ignored. It’s extremely important for a child to hear things like ‘good job’ and ‘thanks for your help’. Receiving positive feedback from others is what will truly help our children and teens have the self-confidence to be the great leaders that our country needs”, commented Ninoshka Rosado, marketing manager of FeedYak®.

“Bullying is a real problem and our society needs alternatives in order to work on this issue. We need to reinforce emotional health in our youth and take their problems seriously”, expressed Natalia Marquez, director, and psychologist of Brave Summer Camp.

FeedYak® is a mobile application that helps organize video feedback to support personal and professional growth in its users. The application is now available to download for free on for iOS and Android. (translated by Javier E. Arus)