Children, teenagers, and even adults have had the misfortune of being bullied. Victims of bullying tend to not feel accepted in school, and instead feel insecure, trapped and at times, helpless. Needless to say, bullying is an epidemic that has countless negative and unwanted repercussions. What kind of people do we expect these children to grow into?

Bullies, the person that does something by threatening or insulting another person, also are affected. They might grow up to be aggressive and violent later on in their lives, making them more likely to participate in criminal activities. Can you imagine these type of people being part of your work culture? Can you imagine them being your manager? Research shows that people who are the target of bullying may show increased signs of depression, low self-esteem, and poor performance [1]. If we let bullies continue that path and grow up to be bosses, they can create an environment of fear and hostility, making the workplace an unbearable place to go and making learning and succeeding that much more difficult, all while worsening the society.

Furthermore, while social media is meant to connect people worldwide, bullies have also unfortunately used them to target victims online. With increased social media usage in children and teenagers in the last few years, incidents of online bullying have also increased. The negative consequences of bullying, in any of its forms, may even affect the child through adulthood and in their professional careers. That is to say, bullying is much more than the simple act of making fun of someone, it affects a person’s self-worth and happiness. This is a matter that needs to be addressed, for it ultimately affects many of us.

How can we show our support and combat bullying?

While constructive criticism can have positive, encouraging effects on the recipient, harsh personal attacks can have a greater adverse reaction. This is why we at FeedYak® are so passionate about combating and preventing bullying because we know that words can help and heal, but they can also hurt just as much. At FeedYak® we are firm believers that giving good, effective feedback in a work environment can lead to personal and professional growth that can help in achieving long-term goals for companies and beyond. We are aware, however, that there are proper and respectful ways of communicating things in order to avoid personal conflicts.

Many victims of bullying feel like they aren’t given a voice and are suffering in silence. We want to let them know that they have an ally in us. We believe that by helping people connect with each other, we will be addressing the issue of bullying head on, all while fostering positive behavior and friendships in school. We want every student to feel just as respected and loved as their peers.

Join us in creating a positive environment where we can work towards encouraging a constructive environment for students and their peers. Let’s make this the generation that ends bullying!