Mobile Apps Rules the Disruption in Human Resource Technology Market
No doubt the changes in technology in the Human Resources market have been disruptive. We can see over the years, since the 1990's, how approaches within this market have changed by taking leaps and bounds. Josh Bersin, Principal of Bersin by Deloitte, published a few days ago his annual predictions report titled "HR Technology Disruptions for 2017: Nine Trends Reinventing the HR Software Market." In it, he briefly outlines changes within HR Technologies and the evolution that these have implied.
One of the latest changes in technology that Bersin points out is the use of mobile platforms, which he says will be the software of the future.
“The HR marketplace has been slow to truly adopt mobile technology (…)”, said Bersin. “American workers check their mobile phones approximately 8 billion times a day6—in other words, that is where employees spend their time. These new applications are always-on; location-aware; and can leverage wearables, camera, and video in ways that make them useful, interesting, and entertaining. New HR technology vendors that can build compelling, mobile-by- design apps will disrupt those that can’t. ”
These predictions confirm the need for thousands of companies to have solutions that fit their daily living in the workplace. Technology that fits their way of working and that allows a greater degree of effectiveness and productivity. Adaptive technology that does not affect the working day and, on the other hand, facilitates a better environment and relationships between employees. Mobile technology does exactly that. It provides a team-based tool that can be used for goal alignment, feedback, coaching and engagement; and at the same time, allows a better way to measure performance.
While most vendors have mobile versions of their products, the mobile app is designed very differently. The usage is not the same, neither is the experience. Technology like Feedyak, design as a mobile app, represents another kind of involvement for employees. Using technology like Feedyak, employees enjoy highly engaging, addictive mobile app that allows them to be intimate and personal with the software used for work.
The tools that mobile apps provide can not be found in PC softwares, at least not the same way. Swiping, pinching, messaging, locations, sensors, voice, video - these details highlights the use of mobil apps and have been part of the blows of disruption that hits HR technologies.