This may seem like the least appropriate thing to do but motivating people by telling them what they are doing wrong can be very helpful for the workplace. To say more, pointing out what a person is doing wrong can be very helpful and inspiring for them, since they may not realize that they are doing it. You just have to be candid and positive when addressing the person.

Whether you are their boss or a coworker, everyone likes to receive feedback for their work and performance, after all that’s why companies like Feedyak exist, to provide the tools needed by teams to create a better work culture. People are innately in need to be told more about what good things they are doing and how their contribution is helping the company run, they take pride on this. But they also can learn and grow as professionals and human beings by knowing what things they are doing that aren’t so great and can jeopardize their work and the business. We like to think that if they knew that they were screwing up, they probably would not be doing those things that way.

It is a very absurd thing to wait for things to go sour to speak up. If you realize early on about the weaknesses and loose ends in your team’s performance, you should say it quickly so those behaviors can change, ergo getting a better result as a team. But to address them is one thing, and correct them is another.

We already discussed the why, now, how can you point out to a person what they are doing wrong and still motivate them? First, you have to gain their trust. People are more open to receiving criticism from people they trust. If they don’t really know you or trust you, your words are not going to be taken seriously. Second, it helps if you are admired by the person you are trying to help. Why? Think about if the person you admire tells you what you can do to be better, would you forget that advice or would you do it more happily? Third, let it be a constructive critic. Don’t just say what they are doing wrong, propose more alternatives. Be careful of stepping into their work, people don’t like to be told what to do and less if they feel is “your way”. Fourth, offer your help. This is a very simple step and usually overlooked. If you tell someone that they are doing something that needs improvement, the politest thing is to offer them your help. Obviously, your contribution is something that it’s going to take time for them to control, so who better than you to help them achieve it. Finally, reinforce the benefits of your suggestions. Tell them the outcomes of the changes so they can see their better selves in the future.

When giving feedback you have to be frequent and direct. Apps like FeedYak can help you by providing the latest technology and easiest to work with software so you can communicate away without worries. Keep everyone’s spirit high by giving them the feedback they need.