It is very easy to go to and give a 5-star review about a restaurant you just went. Talk about how that marinara sauce was the best you’ve ever eaten and how that bartender made you the best cocktail ever, and how everyone should try it! Or just say that it was your worst experience and it doesn’t deserve one full star. Whichever the case, you speak from your heart and there is no doubt in your mind that you will press that ‘submit’ button. But when you have to give a review about your workplace, that’s another story. Giving feedback about your company can’t be an impulsive act. You actually have to think and write, or record, how you fill about the company, and live with the consequences.

First of all, understand that giving feedback about your company is very beneficial. Giving feedback helps management to gain insights about important matters and reinforce good practices. Also, as a good employee, you’ll want your company to grow and have more clients. 70% of people consult business reviews or ratings before purchasing; while 41% said they read 4-7 reviews in 2010 before they felt comfortable with a purchase.

Impetuous feedback is not a good idea in this case, or ever, so we did our homework and read and saw over 250 company reviews done by actual real employees to see what worked and what didn’t when employees talked about their workplace. The next tips on giving smart and effective company feedback are based on this evaluation.

1.Be precise.

Not only specific feedback is more helpful, it also makes it more interesting. “I really enjoy the care package that (name of the company) provides for its senior employees. After 4 years on the company, you have a superior care package that allowed me to be on maternity leave for 5 paid months and that helped me a lot to nurture my baby.” It almost tells a story and is interesting to read. On the other hand, a less precise feedback like the following leaves us with lots of questions: “This is the best company to work for. The company will build you up and make you a better person.” How the company builds you up? How it makes you a better person? When talking about something that you really like about your company, identify exactly what it is and be as specific as you can.

2. Be company-specific, not job-specific.

Of course, you’re going to mention what your position is and even maybe what your responsibilities are. But when you give your company feedback, be broader. When an employee gives feedback is usually because it was requested by a supervisor or it is voluntary on a web page. When it is requested, it helps the company to know what they can do better and where they are succeeding. So if you talk about how the copier is always breaking, it will probably get an overview and not taken care of, and you should talk it out with your manager directly. On the other hand, if you say that “(the company) is always at the forefront of technology but needs to provide a little more education about new software to employees,” it would, most likely, make management to take action. When you review is voluntary and in other web pages, you should also talk about the company more than your job. This information helps job-seekers to know more about the workplace culture and environment, they already know what type of work they’re looking for.

3. Be real.

When being asked to give feedback about the company, some people think they should say lots of amazing things to get some benefit out of it. Well, this is not true (at least is not right). Talk, or write, about true stuff. If you really love your workplace and think it’s perfect, then great! Talk about the real reasons you feel like this: your very intelligent coworkers, the great communication between management and employees, the easy to use processes, the excellent vacation packages; everything that you like (remember, be specific). By contrast, if you have a heavy opinion on something, like the above example over education on new software, you can, and should, also say it; but do it in a constructive way that provokes results. Not just talk bad just to say something evil; be descriptive and not accusative. Giving feedback about your company can bring to the surface many hidden issues that management don’t take into account, not because they don’t care, but because they can’t see it. You have to tell them by being truthful.

The Human Resources department is always concerned about the workplace culture because of the importance of employees’ satisfaction of working in a good environment and these reviews are a great source of information. Company reviews by employees help them analyze workplace issues, know about improvements in various aspects, and more. So is very important that you do them the smart and effective way.