Last week we thought you how to give the right feedback to employees, but oftentimes, one may run into difficulties when trying to communicate something in a professional environment which may have dire consequences. The message may be intended to encourage or correct something, but instead, it is delivered in a manner that does not effectively transmit that which was sought to be communicated, more often than not resulting in a breakdown in communication. What was intended to improve the relationship and channels of communication between the manager and employee have now negatively affected the very same. To correctly deliver your feedback, a few things ought to be kept in mind. These aspects determine your attitude and incentives towards every detail of your explanation and feedback.

Feedback should be critical, encouraging and motivational but, if not communicated effectively, may be antagonistic. The idea here is to learn how to correctly deliver these critiques and make your point be understood. Regardless if your feedback is a critique or merely a motivational message, it’s your task to deliver it in the most decent and acceptable way that effectively communicates your ideas without omitting any important information.

If should always be noted that words do, in fact, matter. Whatever your tone may be, make sure to communicate in a formal and professional manner. That ensures that your feedback is strictly professional and doesn’t become a perceived personal critique. This kind of personal criticism should be avoided since it assesses personal aspects of the person without actually giving room for professional growth. Ultimately, there is a time and place for everything and the office is not the place to judge a person’s character. In order to avoid this kind of perceived personal attack, careful care should be put into the selection of the words used making sure that these are appropriate for the work environment.

When you are addressing a coworker, make sure to keep your body language simple and fluid. If you are giving video feedback, it is recommended to avoid overly expressed movements so as to be as concise and clear with the intended message. That provides you with the full authority on your feedback and doesn’t make the attendants wonder about your grasp on the feedback. If you are overly expressive and lack bodily control, you will not be taken seriously and your message might be lost, regardless of how composed your language may be. An app like FeedYak® can provide both the employees and managers ways to communicate and offer their feedback in the most efficient way possible. Using a user-friendly corporate app like FeedYak® ensures not just quality video feedback, but with its optimized technology, it also gathers customers’ feedbacks while keeping track of their opinions which ensures an open and professional dialogue. This helps the workforce to stay in touch, which is a vital part of today’s ever-connected world.

If you are providing a written statement, make sure it’s simple and compact. It shouldn’t leave out any details and should avoid any kind of redundancy. Simple, concise language is usually preferred since it gives a clear idea as to what you want to be communicated. The act of giving feedback plays an essential role in creating an open environment where people are comfortable sharing ideas and encouraging others to do the same. Like most everything else, feedback is something that should be practiced and improved upon, eventually creating a dialogue that works for all parties involved.