Integrate technology to empower your employee's learning experience
More and more companies have realized that to have a successful business and a customer service on outgoing, they have to take better care of their employees. This not only implies better wages and benefits, but also administrative changes that represent a better working environment where people really want to work. This shift in business focus, starts from the way employees learn and companies teach.
According to a survey made by Deloitte on 2016:
More than eight in ten executives (84 percent) view learning as an important (40 percent) or very important (44 percent) issue. Employees at all levels expect dynamic, self-directed, continuous learning opportunities from their employers. Despite the strong shift toward employee-centric learning, many learning and development organizations are still struggling with internally focused and outdated platforms and static learning approaches.
Usually companies have training systems either with catalogs or online courses, some even have 'schools'. These are the ways of training of recent years. But according to new HR technology trends, those classic, old and inefficient models are already obsolete and what they cause is that new employees, especially millennials, turn their heads and look for their own ways of learning, ultimately on Internet.
The way employees are trained must go hand in hand with the technologies used for the other efforts being implemented in the organization. Mobile apps designed for employee empowerment and engagement, can provide the tools needed to the new way of employee training. Feedyak for example, empower employees by allowing them to learn by short videos made exclusively for them by other employees or supervisors. Utilizing video, and specially combined with video-feedback, is an excellent way of captivating employees in the learning process and also put them in charge of their learning experience. Using technology like Feedyak, proves that the company is worried about teamwork and innovation, as well as employee engagement and collaboration. When a business provides more personal and updated way of learning for their workforce, demonstrate that their focus is towards their employee empowerment. Ultimately what this result is in a better engage group of people and a organization that attracts and retains top talent, while develop long-term leaders.