Why Sarahah does not belong in the workplace.

In these last weeks, we’ve heard a lot of noise about an app called Sarahah. Without a doubt, this app, developed in Saudi Arabia, has been this summer’s most popular. The app has sky rocketed in the last months, making it the most popular app in iOS and the 2nd most popular app for Android, [...]

Human Resource Technology Market

No doubt the changes in technology in the Human Resources market have been disruptive. We can see over the years, since the 1990's, how approaches within this market have changed by taking leaps and bounds. Josh Bersin, Principal of Bersin by Deloitte, published a few days ago his annual predictions report titled "HR Technology Disruptions [...]

Employee-Empowered Learning

More and more companies have realized that to have a successful business and a customer service on outgoing, they have to take better care of their employees. This not only implies better wages and benefits, but also administrative changes that represent a better working environment where people really want to work. This shift in business [...]