Acknowledging when a coworker does a good job

A manager’s guide to appreciating an outstanding employee This is the second part of a two-part article As we discussed yesterday, there are ways that an employee can go about giving positive feedback to a fellow coworker. Doing so can increase motivation as well as make your coworker feel appreciated at the workplace. However, going [...]

Acknowledging when a coworker does a good job

This is the first part of a two-part article In every academic or professional environment, there tend to be several types of people that we often encounter. There might be the employee who slacks off whose performance is underwhelming and affects the output of the team. Or perhaps the talkative peer whose constant platitudes distract [...]

Why giving and receiving video feedback makes you more valuable

Apart from the fact that video feedback is a new mode of providing personal or corporate feedback, it is rather important to consider this new mode of communication as an important business tool. Video feedback has become more important in the last few years due to its ability for the user to send and record [...]

How to motivate people by pointing out what they are doing wrong

This may seem like the least appropriate thing to do but motivating people by telling them what they are doing wrong can be very helpful for the workplace. To say more, pointing out what a person is doing wrong can be very helpful and inspiring for them, since they may not realize that they are [...]

Why Sarahah does not belong in the workplace.

In these last weeks, we’ve heard a lot of noise about an app called Sarahah. Without a doubt, this app, developed in Saudi Arabia, has been this summer’s most popular. The app has sky rocketed in the last months, making it the most popular app in iOS and the 2nd most popular app for Android, [...]

Fundamentals for a killer real-time feedback session

Feedback sessions, may they be with colleagues or management, are vital to creating a workplace environment that promotes personal and professional improvement, development as well as healthy communication. While many companies still choose to give their employees impersonal and at times nondescript yearly performance reviews, more and more companies are opting for giving their employees [...]

Do you have something to say to your manager? (Part 3)

Part 3: Giving your manager negative feedback Feedback is without a doubt one of the most powerful tools available for businesses to strengthen communication and workplace performance. Typically, feedback is comprised of face-to-face, personal sessions where a supervisor assesses an employee’s performance, acknowledging what was done well as well as seeing where there is room for [...]

Do you have something to say to your manager? Part 2

Part 2: Giving your manager positive feedback As we had discussed in our previous article about approaching your manager, making the approach to someone in the workplace, especially a superior, can be a daunting task. After mustering up the courage and organizing yourself before finally deciding to give someone feedback, you must identify what type [...]

Do you have something to say to your manager? (Part 1)

Saying something to a manager or supervisor is not something many of us look forward to. While opening up to a coworker might be more comfortable, doing the same to a superior in the office may not be as easy since they are in a position of power. Bear in mind, however, that communication skills [...]

Guide to give the right Feedback to employees

Letting your employees know about their performance and how much their inputs have been efficient to the company is important for the employer, the company itself, and the employees. The members of any organization, industry, or small business should develop professional bonds so they can be comfortable communicating and evaluating each other’s performances. The key [...]