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Do you have something to say to your manager? (Part 1)

Saying something to a manager or supervisor is not something many of us look forward to. While opening up to a coworker might be more comfortable, doing the same to a superior in the office may not be as easy since they are in a position of power. Bear in mind, however, that communication skills [...]

What should you do when receiving negative feedback at the workplace?

There are times when things don’t go the way we planned. Perhaps you forgot about a meeting that had been scheduled a long time ago. Maybe your report or presentation didn’t go as well as you had hoped. It makes you wonder where your hard work and careful planning went. This is necessarily unusual, we [...]

Over 200 kids and teens walk with their friends and family against bullying.

The 2nd annual 2k Color Racing was a response to the desire of Puerto Rican youth for new opportunities to celebrate diversity and stop the threat of emotional abuse that bullying poses.  Bayamón, Puerto Rico. June 28, 2017 – In a crowd full of smiles, fun, and colors, Puerto Rican children of all ages participated [...]

Let’s make THIS the generation that ends bullying!

Children, teenagers, and even adults have had the misfortune of being bullied. Victims of bullying tend to not feel accepted in school, and instead feel insecure, trapped and at times, helpless. Needless to say, bullying is an epidemic that has countless negative and unwanted repercussions. What kind of people do we expect these children to [...]