We know sometimes is a little scary for an employee to speak up to management or immediate supervisors. After all, usually people in superior positions are there because they succeeded in their previous roles. We’ve heard reasons like “She knows she’s a good boss” or “If I complain, I could lose my job” when asking employees why they don’t express themselves to their managers. But the reality is that they are still people and as human beings, we all need those words of encouragement and guidance that let us know how is our performance and how can we improve, even if the last one is a little more difficult to digest.

For that reason, we put together these 7 things that your boss would want you to hear from you. Keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with speaking your mind, especially if what you have to say is for the good of the company and will help others to be better in what they do. So, if you’re thinking, “what would my boss want to know right now?” keep reading.

1. Your screw ups

Management knows when they have good employees but they also know about the “human factor”. Humans are imperfect and do screw up from time to time. The important thing when telling your boss about your error is that you also present an alternative: “instead of doing this, I’ll do that next time”. That way you acknowledge the part of your mess but you are responsible and positive enough to not let it happen again and be better next time.

2. Your ideas

Usually, bosses are the ones that come up with new ideas and ways to improve business, but when you have an idea, speak up! Although maybe at first your idea can’t be adapted, that kind of enthusiasm is what bosses want to see in you.

3. That you are ready for more responsibilities

You manage a lot of work at one single time. When you say to your boss that you are ready for more responsibilities, you are inferring that you have prepared and made time for new tasks and even maybe roles. Make sure to let your boss know that you’re ready for the challenge, they really want to hear that, a good boss will always want to see you grow.

4. If someone is stealing

This one is very tricky. If you see a person stealing in your workplace you should talk to your boss immediately and try your best to have evidence but if you can’t have it, be responsible and offer to give your testimony until the end of the process. As a boss, there is no better feeling than knowing that your employees have your back and are active in protecting the workplace.

5. If there is a business opportunity

Bosses feel great pleasure when they hear an employee talking about business opportunities. Why? Because this shows a great deal of engagement! Employees that feel good in a workplace want to see the business grow, so they can grow too; while unengaged employees just want to see their checks at the end of the month.

6. When you don’t like something

Your boss is not perfect, and he/she knows it, but that doesn’t mean that your work culture cannot improve every time. If you don’t like something, you should say it. May this unconformity be with the way something is handled or even how your boss addresses you and your coworkers, if you feel blue at your workplace, you have to speak up! But remember, always present an alternative, don’t present a complaint without a solution.

7. If he or she made you grow

Make sure to say “Thank you boss” from time to time. Good bosses want to be an important and positive influence to their team and to acknowledge the fact that they succeed by being a positive influence in you is oh-so-good!