For a while now, we’ve talked about the importance of implementing a program where you can support the work of your employees and management through feedback. But we thought that showing you a couple of examples were a better strategy than just telling you about the great benefits giving feedback at the workplace can bring. After all, it is always helpful to learn about how the big dogs react to the feedback received and how this is part of their success. Before I go through the 3 examples of employee feedback that will blow your mind, let me remember you about what is employee feedback.

“Employee feedback is a real-time dialogue in which a person reacts to another coworker’s performance with the purpose of greater results.”

The following companies listened to their employee’s feedback and took action, accomplishing awesome results:

  1. Starbuck’s Dress Code

Starbucks Dress Code LookBook

Starbuck’s listened to its employee’s feedback while looking for a way to connect to its multifaceted clientele. They understood the passionate personalities of the people that interact with Starbucks’s customers on a daily basis and let them externalize this passion through a new Dress Code. Not only Starbuck’s listened to their employee’s feedback, they took action: for the employees and for the company itself. They figured out that if the employees felt supported and that they could express their personalities in the workplace, the customer experience would be exceptionally better. You can see the new Starbucks Dress Code LookBook here.

      2. US Bank key feature

US Bank New Technology

Christopher Higgins, CIO at US Bank said that he “have come to strongly believe everything needs to start with a defined customer and employee experience”. US Bank improvements are based on customers and employee feedback, so when more than 500 tellers and bankers pointed out a key feature they needed in the new software being developed, US Bank found worth it the additional time and investment. They could have ignored the employee’s input, after all, the software was already designed and the addition represented more costs, but why ask for feedback and then ignore it? Higgins says “Technology and processes matter, but people matter more”; and they incurred in the time and costs because they wanted to enable their people to do their jobs more efficiently.

      3. Google’s Women Turnover

Working at Google is the professional fantasy of many people, no wonder it has topped the list of Fortune 100’s “Best Companies to Work for” for multiple years. But volleyball breaks, bowling alleys, free chef-prepared food and cut-rate haircuts wasn’t enough to stop women from leaving the company at twice the rate than men. After listening to employee’s feedback, the HR department found the reason behind this abandonment: the maternity leave. What did they do? They changed the maternity leave plan so new mothers would get 20 weeks of paid time instead of 12. Google’s attrition rate for women dropped by 50%! Google is one of the best examples of companies that truly believes that if you take care of your people, they will take care of your customers.

There you have it. 3 great examples of employee feedback that blew our minds. Can you see your company implementing something like this?

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