are not


timely feedback?

They need real-time, simple, in the moment,

twitter-like continuous feedback.

Employees do not feel connected with the company or management?

Make being an employee great again by using a mobile app for continuous feedback that captures feedback in the moment using text, voice and video.

Old and clunky performance management and goal control are considered a waste of time?

Stop participating in unnatural acts using screens and forms. Capture the moment using the FeedYak app in voice, video and text.

Continuous Feedback

Real time tracking and recognition of employee initiatives and achievements

Managers are the only source of feedback and they never get around to it?

Use a multisource approach by capturing real-time feedback from peers, direct reports, coworkers and customers.

If someone goes on camera to tout your brilliance, they are making a real commitment to you – and that will impress the people who are evaluating you […] FeedYak allow you to collect video references to showcase your talent.
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